Edición especial sobre mitocondrias vegetales

El Prof. Dr. Diego F. Gomez Casati del CEFOBI fue convocado por la revista Plants (ISSN 2223-7747) como Editor Invitado para un número especial sobre “Plant Mitochondria”. La presentación de los trabajos vence el 31 de julio de 2020.

Special Issue Information
Dear Colleagues,

In plant cells, mitochondria (together with cloroplasts) are the organelles responsible for supplying energy for all cellular processes. These organelles participate in numerous processes such as oxidative phosphorylation, metal homeostasis, synthesis of sulfur–iron proteins, lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, etc. Although many efforts have been made in elucidating several aspects of the physiology of this organelle, there are still many points that are not fully understood. The goal of this Special Issue is to provide new advances in the field of the biology, biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, and bioinformatic tools related to plant mitochondria. This include experimental work and also reviews that discuss new advances on the field. The best knowledge of the structure, function, biogenesis, and metabolic pathways that occur in mitochondria will allow designing strategies to optimize the function of these organelles and thus be able to control key processes of plant development.

Prof. Dr. Diego F. Gomez Casati
Guest Editor

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